Completely fictional, but my fiction. As the designer and owner I’d like to introduce you to myself and the store.


About me

I've always had an eye for hidden treasures.
My very first memory is at the age of six, when I saw an abandoned baby doll crib home tossed on my neighbor's curb for trash pick-up. While one of the fellow little girls in my neighborhood had only seen trash, I saw treasure. After giving the home some love with clean-up and minor repair, I had an rare, exquisite bed for my beloved dolls.

This feeling of synchronicity repeated itself when I was 14. I saw an amazing pair of wicker chairs!!, My mom looked at the wicker chairs at the garage sale we were strolling through and all she saw were pieces of junk!!! I looked at the chairs and saw a vision come to life in my mind - how those chairs would look after a clean-up and a canary yellow paint coat. I begged her to let me purchase them, and when I did, I was able to breathe life and love into those chairs, which turned out to be the perfect vintage edition to my teenage bedroom, decked out in a yellow canary shag carpet and "Peter Max" wall mural.

These finds meant more to me just than purchasing a store bought doll bed or chair like all of the other girls had. There's something so special and heart-driven in finding the possibility and beauty in what others overlook.

One day, I was driving through town and saw a "For Lease" sign. Something within me stirred, like I was stumbling across another abandoned doll bed, another neglected wicker chair. It was just an empty room, but I could see a flicker of diamond in the rough, a vision forming within my mind. I wanted to create a place where I could use my eye to curate special finds for others. A boutique where patrons could step into and escape into a lavender day dream. An oasis where you can find unique gifts and furniture that have a genuine charm to them.

Creating a boutique calls for being in the right place, right time, with the right eye to see the flicker of gold hidden within.
Tami Adler


Lavender Moon Interiors Home is more than just where the heart is - it's where your family relaxes, where your memories take place, where your celebrations occur, where love lives! Which is why Lavender Moon Interiors loves to find you that candle, that painting, that mirror, that unique piece which makes your home all the more charming. When you step into Lavender Moon Interiors, you'll escape into a French country haven where Sante Fe and Farmhouse Chic meets Urban.

Browse through our curated vision to find pillows, Peshtemal’s (Turkish towels) kitchen towels, handmade dish and face cloths, table cloths, cloth napkins, paintings, mirrors, lamps, sconces, organic soy candles, European and locally made soaps, essential oils, beautiful picture frames, reclaimed chalk painted furniture, dressers, headboards, nightstands, end tables, desks and so much more. We are also the proud retailers of a full line of MUD PIE tabletop home décor!!! And the rest? Is just waiting for you to come discover. Come pay us a visit on 724 Main Street Martinez, or shop our curated and refurbished visions online.

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